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Home Inspectors Check For Termites (Party, All You Can Eat)

Structural Inspection (Oh My Aching Back, I Can't Straighten Up)

Hardboard Siding (IŽll Huff And IŽll Puff Till I Blow Your House Down)

Blocked Chimney Inspection (A Garden Is Neat, But Not On A Roof)

Home Inspectors  Check Unsafe Stairway (Watch Your Step)

Healthy Home Inspection (Keeping America’s Homes Healthy)

Electrical Inspection (Get Your Amps And Volts Right Here)

Home Inspectors Check Plumbing (FLUSH!)

Plumbing Faucets (Please Drive On the Right Side Of The Road)

Inspection For Freezing Pipes (Where's My Electric Blanket)

Home Inspectors Check Boiler (This House Can Go Up In Flames)

Home Inspectors Advice About Carbon Monoxide (The Silent Killer)

Radiant Floor Heating Inspection (Keep Your Feet Warm)

Home Inspectors Comments On Various Environmental Hazards

Water Heater Flue Home Inspection (Unsafely Installed Flue Pipe)

Mold Hazards (Toxic Mold)

Worst Ever Gas Piping Found During Home Inspection

Dilapidated Bathtub Tiling (Use At your Own Risk)

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