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InspectAmerica® Is Proud To Help Keep America’s Homes Healthy

Aside from the typical home inspection, InspectAmerica Engineering, P.C. is always on the look out for safety concerns and we are proud of the contribution we have made to the health and safety of America’s homes. We are licensed to practice engineering in much the same way as a doctor is licensed to practice medicine; home inspections are much like a visit to the doctor’s office.

For over 42 years we have uncovered many potential safety hazards, some of which are life threatening. Safety hazards can run the gamut from missing hand railings, to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

Physical safety hazards can include tripping hazards on walkways and stairways, non-standard tread/riser patterns on stairways, missing, improper, and defective hand railings and guard railings, poorly constructed and deteriorating outdoor decks, defective windows, unsatisfactory or non-existent methods of emergency egress, inoperative or non-existent automatic garage door opener safety stops, inadequate or missing fire doors, missing fire retardant ceilings and walls, missing fire stopping, flammable materials in close proximity to heat producing equipment, etc.


We are proud of the contribution we have made to the health and safety of America’s homes.

Safety hazards associated with the electrical and mechanical systems of a home can include carbon monoxide emissions from heat producing equipment, gas leaks, inadequate combustion air for heat producing equipment, improperly sized or installed relief valves on pressure vessels (such as boilers, water storage tanks, etc.), poorly located or missing safety cutoff switches and improperly connected flue pipes for heat producing equipment, improperly located emergency switches for heat producing equipment, aluminum electrical wiring, overfused electrical circuits, improperly wired electrical receptacle outlets, missing or malfunctioning ground fault interrupter circuits, burned or improperly sized electrical wiring, reversed hot and cold water supplies, hot water supplies that are too hot, unsafe gas connectors, abandoned oil tanks, etc., friable asbestos, high lead content in water, etc.

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