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Unsafe Stairway - Watch Your Step

stairway construction

Stairway treads (steps) can be supported in several different ways, in each case, the

stairway inspection

stairway treads are supported by two stair stringers (see item 1), one stringer on each side of the stairway. in this particular

case, the treads are supported in notches cut into the stringers. Look carefully at the photo and the close-up (item 2), the treads have pulled out of the stringers and are being held in place by nails that were driven into the edge of the treads. One tread (item 3) has lost so much support on the right side, that the tread is unlevel.

It is only a matter of time until somebody steps on one of the loosened treads, the tread falls out, and a serious accident occurs. It is important to be sure that all stairways are kept in good repair. Be sure that your home inspection engineer verifies the integrity of all stairways.

Interested? Write to us and tell us how you would correct this problem without replacing the entire stairway; weŽll write back.

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