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Structural Defect: Oh My Aching Back, I Can’t Straighten Up

There’s nothing more important than structural, structural, structural. If the home you are considering is not structurally sound, if it has structural defects or structural problems, it may not be a wise investment regardless of location location, location. That’s why it’s important to retain the services of a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) to conduct your home inspection rather than a non-engineer home inspector (who is not licensed practice engineering).

Here’s a situation where a supporting column is not plumb, an indication of a serious structural defect found during a home inspection. Note also the crack in the concrete floor slab.

During a home inspection, the  inspector found this home to have experienced severe structural damage and shifting; major structural repairs will be needed to stabilize the defect and restore the home to a structurally stable condition.

“They donīt build them like they used to”. Not true. Hereīs an old structure with the same structural defect, one of the supporting columns has also experienced severe structural problems and steps have been taken to stabilize the condition.

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