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We Make House Calls

Home inspections for home owners. A checkup for your home is a good way to keep your home in tip top condition. We can provide you with a list of needed repairs and a maintenance schedule.

Advice For Repairs

Does your home have a problem?  Need advice? We can help by evaluating your problem and by providing you with alternative solutions.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

A home inspection before a home is placed on the market is a good way to obtain a  condition report. Find out what the inspector will say about the quality of your home before the buyer’s inspector says it. Now you have the opportunity to make needed repairs to be sure that the sale goes smoothly without any surprises. We can advise you how to invest your money for the best return on your investment; a pre-sale inspection is a good way to maximize your profit upon sale. Retain the services of an inspection company that is licensed to practice engineering for a complete structural evaluation.

Your Buyer’s Home Inspection

The buyer for your home retains the services of an inspector who is not a Licensed Professional Engineer. Comments are made about the structure of your home and the buyers make a demand for repairs to the structure or demand a re-negotiation of the agreed upon sales price of your home. Having a Licensed Professional Engineer’s report in your hip pocket is a good way to counter any comments made about your home that you feel are incorrect.

Prepare Your Home For Sale
Prepare Your Home For Inspection

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