Prepare your Home For Inspection

Prepare Your Home For Inspection

Tips - How To Prepare Your Home For The Buyer’s Home Inspection

These tips assume you have already followed the tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale.


  • If your State (or real estate agent) requires you to prepare a home owners property disclosure report regarding the condition of your home, it is advisable not to omit any defects. Should the home inspector have doubts regarding the information on the disclosure, the inspector may become overly suspicious regarding the condition of your home.
  • It is advisable to have your real estate agent represent you at the inspection. If you must be present at the inspection, be sure to honestly answer any questions that the inspector may ask. If the inspector has doubts regarding your answer to a question, the inspector may become overly suspicious regarding the condition of your home.
  • Do not try to conceal any defects that you may know about.
    Refrain from asking the inspector questions regarding the condition of the home or debating the inspector about comments you may overhear.
  • Do not rush the inspector; permit the inspector to look at whatever area of the home that the inspector deems necessary. A home inspection of an average size home will take about two hours.
  • The inspector understands that the inspection is a necessary intrusion into the privacy of your home and will make every effort to be as professional and courteous as possible. The inspector will appreciate your cooperation to make the inspection process a pleasant experience.


  • All exterior doors should be made accessible; be sure all door locks are operable.


  • All areas of the home must be made accessible, especially utility room areas, and access entry to basement crawl spaces and attic crawl spaces. If the access to your attic crawl space is via a closet, the inspector will appreciate opening the closet door and finding that you have been thoughtful enough to remove clothing and stored items that inhibit entry to the attic.


  • The inspector will want to remove the cover on the electric service panel to examine the electrical wiring, be sure that the panel is accessible, and that the cover can be readily removed.


  • The inspector will want to functionally test all of the plumbing fixtures, if there are any leaks, or other problems, have these conditions corrected prior to the inspection or advise the inspector not to operate the defective fixtures.


  • The inspector will want to functionally test the heating and air-conditioning systems. If your home has an oil fired heating system, be sure that there is sufficient fuel in the tank. If your system is a forced air system, be sure that the air filter is clean to ensure a maximum air flow.

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