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Licensed Professional Engineers - P.E.

It is important to know why a P.E. is a wise choice for your home inspection.

Why Choose A Licensed Engineer Who Specializes In Home Inspections Rather Than A Non-Engineer inspector?

  • Consumer Reports recommends an engineer or architect inspector for your home inspection.
  • In most States the degree required to become a licensed/certified home inspector is a high school diploma; in some States, a high school diploma is not a requirement. The degree required to become a licensed engineer is a Bachelors degree in engineering.
  • Only a licensed professional engineer can offer you structural opinions based upon professional engineering judgments.
  • No two houses are alike, each home has unique characteristics which may require the home inspection engineer to call upon their engineering educational background; this is a background that non-engineers do not posses.
  • You may have to pay a second home inspection fee if the non-engineer is unable to provide information regarding the structural condition of the home.
  • The licensed engineer is pledged to protect the public; the health, safety and welfare of the public and this is fundamental to the licensed engineer’s work ethic. A P.E. is licensed to practice engineering in much the same way as a doctor is licensed to practice medicine; home inspections are much like a visit to the doctor’s office.

How To Be Sure That Your Home Inspection Will Be Conducted By A Licensed Professional Engineer

It’s easy, simply ask if your home inspection report will be stamped with the Licensed Professional Engineer’s P.E. seal.

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