Consumer Reports Home Inspection Engineer

An issue of Consumer Reports® has a relevant investigation of defects in homes. Importantly, the article gives excellent advice regarding how home buyers can take steps to avoid trouble.

The Consumer Reports® article states “Be proactive. Consumers should never buy a house without first hiring a real-estate attorney and a home-inspection engineer.”

It is important for home buyers to understand that the credentials of home inspectors vary widely, some are licensed engineers, some are non-engineers, some claim to be professional home inspectors, some claim to be certified, some claim membership in a home inspector group. Some certifications can be obtained by almost anybody, a high school diploma is not a requirement and certifications can even be obtained by joining a trade group.

The Consumer Reports® article states “Hire a qualified home inspector. Preferably, the inspector should be an engineer or architect.”

Only a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) can provide a home buyer with advice based upon professional engineering judgment. A national list of licensed Professional Engineers who specialize in home inspections can be found here.

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