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Home Inspection FAQ

Over the past 40 years, InspectAmerica Engineering, P.C. has received many questions regarding home inspections, home inspectors, technical issues, from home buyers and home  owners, etc. For current topics, refer to our news section.

Question: Can The Home Inspection Engineer Make A Surprise Visit To My Home After I Move In?

Answer : Home inspection engineers take their work very seriously. The engineer might like to make a surprise visit to your home after you move in to check and see if you have followed the good advice provided in the home inspection engineering report. However, it is not likely that the engineer will pop in on you without an invitation.

Question: Is It OK To Drink The Water In The Bathroom?

Answer: Yes. Depending upon where you get it from!

Question: You Said That The Basement Has Signs Of Past Water Flooding And That The Potential For Future Flooding Exists; Should I Be Concerned About This?

Answer: Yes! Water views are nice, but not when the view is in your basement. There are methods to help control water intrusion but there are conditions which may not be able to be controlled.

Question: Are Steam Showers Used For Any Purpose Other Than Relaxation?

Answer: I don’t think so, unless you have a need for a bad hair day.

Question: How Can The Swimming Pool Be Inspected Without Going Into The Pool?

Answer: The swimming pool is inspected from the surface; it is not expected that the engineer will come to the home inspection with a wet suit and scuba diving gear.

Question: Can You Test For Gas Leaks With A Match?

Answer: Yes! Unfortunately, the inspector who uses this method has a short career. I think the use of this gas leak tester is a much improved approach.

Question: Did You Say There Is Something Wrong With The Flasher On The Chimney? I Didn’t See Anybody Up There In A Rain Coat.

Answer: No! No! No! I said there is something wrong with the FLASHING on the chimney; the flashing is the metal seal at the base of the chimney that seals the chimney to the roof to prevent water seepage into the house.

Question: I may be a dentist but I did summer construction work during college. Do you think I could inspect this house by myself?

Answer: I may be a professional engineer but I had a summer job in a dental office during college. Would you like to open your mouth so I can get started on your root canal work?

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