Home Inspector Report - Home Inspection Engineers Report
home inspection report

The Engineers Home Inspection Report Provides Important Information Based Upon The Home Inspection.

The Home Inspection Engineers Report

At the conclusion of the home inspection, the home buyer should be well informed and should know the condition of the home; the inspection should be followed up with the engineers written home inspection report. If anything is wrong, the home buyer should know what needs to be done to correct problems (or safety hazards), what repair alternatives are available, what priorities to assign to the problems, which repair costs are significant or minor, which costs are non-essential improvements, home inspections are visual and there is always a risk of concealed damage, further destructive investigation is sometimes needed.

Detailed Written Inspection Report Or Inspection Checklist

Although some home inspection companies will provide you with a pre-printed hand written checklist at the conclusion of the home inspection these boiler plate formats often do not provide the level of detail and advice and that a formal detailed written home inspection report can provide. It is easy for the home inspector to check off good, fair, poor, acceptable, or not acceptable, but it is another thing to describe what’s wrong, why its wrong, and what needs to be done about it. Anybody can check off a form that indicates that a stairway is tilting, but a written home inspection report by a Licensed Professional Engineer can tell you why the stairway is tilting and what needs to be done about it. Remember, only a Professional Engineer is licensed to make professional engineering judgments and provide you with a professional engineer’s design for remedial repair.

The Report And Your Cash Flow Analysis

Carefully read your home inspection engineering report and make a list of items that need correction; this will help you to determine your future expenditures for repairs and maintenance. Our engineering report contains useful information that serves as a reference for you in the future. A home can not fail an inspection, the home inspection report records the condition of the home, both positives and negatives.

If you have questions regarding your inspection report, feel free to call the engineer who conducted your home inspection.

Get Ready To Move In Or Continue Your House Hunt

Now you’re ready for the next steps.

If the home inspection went well, you’re ready to sign your sales contract, obtain a mortgage, and make plans to pack and move into your new home. If the home inspection did not go well, its time to look some more.

In The Future

Our home inspection service does not stop when the home inspection is provided, our staff will be pleased to answer your questions in the future. Our service is prompt and the fee for our professional services is dependent upon the home to be inspected, call our closest office for a fee quote. We're sure that you will be impressed by our engineer's knowledge, concern and thoroughness as a FullScope Home Inspection™ is conducted for you.

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