Home Buying Guide - Home Inspection

Finding The Home Of Your Dreams Is A Full Time Job. Here Are Some Tips From The Home Inspection Pros.

Do Your Homework First (Go To Full Story Page 1)

  • Evaluate Ownership Avantages And Dis-Advantages.
  • Analyze Your Financial Position, Determine What You Can Comfortably Afford.
  • Consider Location, Schools, Home Style, Desired Lifestyle, Expected Duration Of Ownership. Weigh All Of The Options.

Take The Next Steps (Go To Full Story Page 2)

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval, A Desirable Benefit.
  • Know The Difference Between A Buyer’s And Seller’s Real Estate Agent.
  • Line Up A Competent Home Inspection Engineer Before You Start House Hunting, You Want To Be Able To Act Quickly When Your Bid Is Accepted.
home inspection bidding war

Don’t Get Caught In The Cross Fire Of A Bidding War

home inspection bidding war

Bidding On And Evaluating A Home (Go To Full Story Page 3)

  • If You Choose A Seller’s Agent To Show You Homes, The Agent Is Required To Owe Their Loyalty To The Seller. Don’t Reveal The  Highest Bid You Might Make To A Seller’s Agent.
  • Don’t Get Caught In The Cross Fire Of A Bidding War.
  • Don’t Try To Inspect Your Home, Leave This Job To A Competent Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.).
  • Be Aware That Not All Home Inspectors Are Engineers, Don’t Be Confused By Home Inspector Certifications (Certification Can Be Bought).
  • A Home Inspection Check List Report May Be Void Of Detail, A Full Written Report Has Advantages.
  • Be Sure To Attend Your Home Inspection.
  • Don’t Believe That The Home Is Being Offerred “As Is”, There’s Always Room For Negotiation.
  • Extermination Of A Termite Infestation Has Historically Been A Seller’s Responsibility.
  • A Monetary Adjustment For Defects Uncovered During The Home Inspection Is A Wiser Choice Than Repair By The Seller

Attorneys, Mortgages, Insurance (Go To Full Story Page 4)

  • A Good Real Estate Attorney Can Help You Avoid Pitfalls.
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages Enable You To Gauge Your Cash Flow.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages Can Be A Rude Awakening If Financial Markets Change In The Wrong Direction.
  • Owner’s Title Insurance Should Not Be Overlooked.
  • Closing Costs Can Be Sizable.

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